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Question for Brock about an alleged new Testosterone Supppliment

Hello Brock,

Today at the bookstore, I was perusing through the latest issue of Pump and noticed an editorial type column announcing the advent of a “new” testosterone suppliment that is in the works.

According to the article, the suppliment is supposed to consist of two pills; one is listed as an “activator” and the other is to be a “potentiator” (whatever the hell that means). These two pills are supposed to be able to be converted to methyltesosterone in the stomach, due to the acidic environment.

My intuition tells me that this is a load of garbage. I thought that oral testosterones are mostly destroyed by the liver; if so, why would they use an oral delivery system?

Any comments would be welcomed,


It would not be possible to methylate a steroid inside the stomach (without creating conditions that would utterly destroy the stomach.)

If they said that, they were lying.