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Question for Bricknyce about TRT


Hey man,

I have read many of your posts on this forum with regards to TRT. Especially in being patient with it.

I have been on Testim for almost four months now, first 5 grams, and now 7.5 grams. My testosterone levels are very good now between 800-1000ng/dl consistently.

Unfortunately aside from possibly losing some fat i havent seen the most important benefit to me: my libido.

You write:

Dude, I was completely impotent for over a year - COMPLETELY!

And you also write it took you a full year for your sexual function to return to what it was before all this.

Does that mean you had NO sex drive for a year while on Androgel? Or did you have a sex drive but just not a strong one?

I have NO sex drive right now and i dont know if I want to stop or keep going.

I would really appreciate your response.

Thanks man,


Not the brick.

We need all of your labs with ranges and read the advice for new guys sticky.

If you do not have E2 [estradiol] labs, you need that. There is good info in the estradiol and protocol for injections stickies. E2 can spoil everything and T-gels are the worse for increasing E2.


I think you gotta email that guy personally now; it says in his hub that he's not on here much anymore.