Question for Boston Red Sox Fans

Would you have beaten Tampa with Manny? Yes, Manny was an asshole for not trying and forcing a trade, but he would have turned it back on for the playoffs, and I believe Boston would have won this series.

Maybe, but I am glad they didn’t! A New England free World Series!!! Woohoo! I am shootin’ for the Ray’s to win it all.

We would of won if mike lowell wasnt hurt.I think phillies can win it. The rays got lucky.

What really makes me mad is now brady is hurt… we went from world series, celtics championship,18-1(Fuck) and a decent bruins seasons. So now we have alcs runner up,patriots are a joke,bruins will still fail and celtics… dunno yet

I blame J.D drew and brady.

I think the Rays would have won with or without Manny.

They have been playing that way all year. They are a good team.

I can’t stand Drew, between him and Lugo Theo stinks sometimes.

But i’m okay with the Pats not being super dominant, New England fans are spoiled and whiney

Um…I know he is no Manny, but have you been aware of Jason Bay’s performance during the playoffs?

Hard to say. I really wish Manny was playing for the Sox though. I know he’s an ass, but he is really productive. But yeah, he was a LOT of trouble.

Jason Bay was a monster. That’s all there is. Great job.

I’m not sure we would have won just because of Manny. There were too many other things going on. Lowell being injured, other teams got used to Ellsbury, and the knuckleball being too inconsistent. Hopefully they will work it out and kick some ass next year.

So Manny would have came out of the bullpen to shut the Rays down in games 2, 3, and 4?

I think not.

You can’t win with the way the Sox starters pitched in games 2, 3, and 4.

The only way you could make an argument would be if Manny would have came up with at least 2 RBIs in game 7. Kind of tough to predict that.

well, not happy with the outcome, but tampa bay played well. Boston didn’t play as well. but at least the yankees aren’t in the series.