Question for Bill Roberts

You answered part of my question about fruit. I still wonder what percentages for diet I should follow, I have been about 50%protein 30% carbs and 20% fats mostly essential fatty acids I am clean 100% I want to get under 10% bodyfat I tried going low carbs like only two salads a day and my postworkout was whey and 2 tbs glutamine. I started to feel real crappy on the low carb thing my sex drive was low etc.I am 210 lbs 14% bodfat How many carbs should I consume, and how much cardio is needed? I mainly do sprints and interval lactate training to produce gh to get lean and not lose muscle.

I think you should get at least 4 grams of carbs per week per lb of LBM and this is not an exact figure, a little more would be good. An all-low-carb diet is bad, but cycling with 2 carb days per week (not necessarily consecutive) or if already acclimated to keto diets, lowcarb in mornings and afternoon, then workout and three or so carb meals in the evening, all work well.

Hey man, I’m on the High Fat low carb diet, I take in about 20-30 grams of carbs a day and I know what you mean about feeling like crap. I felt like I had the flu or something for about the first week or 2 but now I feel fine and I find that cutting weight is very easy I just lower my calories by about 1000 a day and the fat just comes right off. It’s the best thing I’ve tried yet.