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Question for Bill Roberts

I ask you a question earlier about this topic Bill, but I have one more. I am little for a pretty good strength gain along with this cycle. So do you think I should incorporate the dbol in for this reason. If I do I will use 100 sprays of androsol unitl I am out of the dbol, and then I will bump it up to 140 sprays a day. By the way I started my deca last night. Thanks.

Yes, if you have the Dianabol already, but have to pay for Androsol, it makes sense to use up the Dianabol; and if combining both, figure
each Dianabol tab you use to “allow” you
to deduct 7 sprays per applicAtion from the 70
you’d use if you weren’t using Dianabol.

E.g., using 5 Dianabols per day, apply 35
(70 - 5x7) sprays of Androsol twice per day,
not 70, to avoid overkill and needless waste.