Question For Bill Roberts

Thank you for the kind words!

I can’t give a good answer really on GW 501516 as I’ve never spend significant time (more than a few hours) going over the literature on it, with the literature review being at least a couple of years ago. That was out of just not happening to have an interest either in using it myself, or seeing myself likely to recommend it. How it works was indeed interesting however, which got me in the direction of looking at telmisartan.

Unless extremely experimental, I’d recommend telmisartan over GW 501516 as it works very well for the same purposes and is extensively proven for safety. Where from the bb’ing standpoint there could be a question mark is the matter of changing fiber types towards Type 1, but my expectation (not absolute conclusion, but strong expectation) is that this is reversible, and may well not be a muscle mass or strength issue at all in practice, in the actual world of lifting as opposed to testing in animals which are not lifting.