Question for Bill Roberts

Bill, I have a question for you that I have never seen or heard being discussed anywhere before, ever, in public or private. I was hoping you may have an answer or at least a working hypothesis. It is this. If male and female muscle tissue is identical, and the size differential between the average male and female is generally due to androgens, then why are’nt the top female bodybuilders anywhere near the size of the top men? Sure we see some large women lifters, but none even approach the size of the top male pro bodybuilders. I would assume that there are at least a few genetically gifted women out there using high doses of test, GH, insulin, etc. that rival top male pro usage but yet the disparity in size. Any ideas?

My guess is that the difference is that the men began their exposure to androgen at age 12 or 13, and for some reason, if the exposure to androgen doesn’t begin till approximate physical maturity as in the case
with female bodybuilders, there is a limitation on result. The specific reason why the early exposure gives a headstart that can’t be made up later, I don’t know.

Actually the above is not correct in all senses. Men began their exposure to levels of androgen beginning to be comparable to adult males at age 12 or 13 (or whatever.) But from some very early point in development, basically as soon as the testes were formed in the fetus, androgen levels had always been higher than in females, perhaps making a difference that cannot be made up for later.

Plus, remember women produce more estrogen then men to, in order to regulate their cycles. They also produce progesterone, which may or may not have an effect on muscle growth.

JayNick, have you ever actually posted anything with the slightest bit of knowledge and/or logic to it? It seems not and the fact that you’re actually using steroids should scare most intelligent people on this board.

Thanks for the insight Bill.

I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about, but the closest I’ve been to a steroid is through my computer screen. I’ve been gathering information for a marketing paper in support of Mag-10 and trying to dig up as much info about steroids as possible to show why Mag-10 is the better choice.
Yes, I have given good advice in the forum. Who the hell are you? What is your real screen name? This person asked why women can’t get as big as men and the hormonal differences between men and women are one of the reasons. Not the only reason, but one of the reasons.

wouldn’t muscle fiber count would have something to do with it?