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Question for Bill Roberts- Vitex and Tribex

Bill, I am fairly new to this site and have come across the subject of Vitex. I want to go on an initial 6-8 week cycle of Mag-10 and come off with Tribex. After reading about Vitex, I would like to include this in my post Mag-10 stack. The only question I have is does Vitex act like Tribex in stimulating the bodies own production and if I cease taking it, how will my own hormones react. Will I stay at a high level of testosterone output, will it remain normal, or will it go down. Due to finances, I can only afford to go on one cycle of Mag-10 for the time being (even with the buy 2 get one free offer), so I want to make the most of it(ie retaining gains, not increasing fat post cycle). Thanks for any help you can throw my way.

I don’t know the answers to those tech questions, but vitex and Tribex-500 make a great stack. You could also come off a long MAG-10 cycle with “M” I’m assuming. I don’t think you need to come off with anything for short cycles. Then again, I’m no Bill Roberts!

With 2 week cycles, it’s just as Paul said,
you can come “off” without any assistance
like Tribex+Vitex or Clomid. Though if
you can get that assistance it’s a good idea.

With such assistance a longer cycle like
8 weeks is fine.

Vitex, e.g. the Solaray brand (not the
extract) is very cheap stuff. By the
way, the reason I keep mentioning this
brand is that it’s very difficult to
compare brands – what they’re “standardized”
for, if standardized at all, is not all
of the active ingredients – and this
particular product is shown to work well.

“M” is also expected to be very efficacious
for this purpose but that’s not well studied
at this point. It’s antiestrogenic effect
is certain but how well it improves recovery
is something still being looked at.

I just bought the vitamine world brand cause I didn’t know about solara I will post results after I get it. I have no idea how this compares. Peace.

How did your cycle end up?