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Question for Bill Roberts or anyone else

My fiance was told in her Drugs and Alcohol class today at school that taking Yohimba is the equivalent of taking alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine together at the same time. I was wondering what Bill Roberts or anyone else thought about this statement. Thanks

Simple. If she heard it at school it’s probably bullshit.

Hey, it might be true…if you look at it in the right light. I took a yohimbe supplement and my sex drive got pretty revved up. There were times when it got so bad that seriously messed with my, um, decision making. MUCH worse than beer goggles…

Scare tactics of the uninformed and ignorant.

simple - drink some alcohol, smoke a cigarette, and drink some coffee and you should feel the effects that you just took some yohimbe such as better erections. Yeah, right. How do they teach this BS in school?

Well, it’s certainly not a technically correct
statement (none of the three mentioned compounds affect the same receptors as yohimbine does) and could best be characterized as a poor, oversimplified-to-the-point-of-error way of communicating that the herb yohimbe can be a dangerous compound when overdosed, particularly for those who are sensitive to it.