Question for Bill Roberts about site bicep injections

I’ve seen you mention that the biceps are one of your favorite places to inject. I’m interested in trying this, do you have any advice in regard to the procedures involved to minimize the risks of hitting a nerve/major blood vessel? Do you inject in the long or short head etc. and from what angle of entry?

Came across this searching for bicep injection information. Bill? Brook? Also flexed or relaxed?

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They used to be. Really no particular reason why not now. Probably just because of preferring to be able to use two hands.

I learned the practice from a doctor friend who was very into this. I mean way more than me. He made a point of injecting basically everywhere, and often.

The musculocutaenous nerve is near the split between the heads. Other than that I don’t know of an area to avoid, provided bodyfat is moderate enough that you can readily see where veins are.

Angle of entry always being 90 degrees, and always with a half-inch insulin needle.

I never had a bad or problematic injection in the biceps, other than occasionally gaining a small bruise due to the needle perforating some small, unseen blood vessel on the way in. But that can happen anywhere.

ok, when I replied, there was no 2nd reply yet.

flexed? that sounds painful, but I’ve never injected either

Hadn’t seen the other replies, and didn’t notice it was on old post floating up from the boneyard.

That does explain why I was asked about something – this method as being one of my favorites – that I haven’t mentioned or if so, only scarcely so, in years.

Oh, and on flexed or relaxed: “both at the same time” sounds peculiar, but what I mean is, I had the elbow flexed, but the muscle relaxed.

That guy has over 200k posts? And no muscle is relaxed. Unless your Valentino then you inject and leave the thing dangling there and hit a front double bicep

The plot thickens…
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some server error when they redid the site I guess, zombie posters all have the same join date/post date/post count. or he traveled thru time. you be the judge.

Can someone redo the server and glitch a few million dollars my way…or some supps would be cool too

Biceps is my favorite when injecting small amounts (up to 50ml). Did it with my last cycle using Tren Ace, and later with Test E/Test P for test taper protocol. I use slin pin and flexed short head.