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Question for Bill Roberts about Androgel

After blood tests showed that my testosterone levels were low, my doctor perscribed 10 grams of Androgel per day. Based on the recommended usage this would equal about 70mg of testosterone per week (70g of Androgel x 1% solution x 10% transdermal absorption rate). The 10% absorption rate is based on applying the gel to arms, shoulders and abs. I’ve read that this rate could be increased to about 50% if the gel was applied to the scrotum. The drawback would be that the test would be absorbed at a much quicker rate causing it to not last the full 24 hours that it was intended to. As a result my plan is to apply a 1/4 dose (2.5g) to my scrotum every 6 hours. If this truly does increase the absorption rate to 50% I should be getting about 350mg of test per week. Do you think that this a sufficient amount of test to enhance my muscle building efforts? Also, is this level too high to maintain on a continual basis? If yes, how long should I continue at the 350mg level before switching back to the normal 70mg/week level? And lastly, would it be beneficial to include clomid while at the 350mg/week level? Sorry for all the questions but this is an item that I haven’t seen discussed anywhere and I figured with your background that you would be the best suited to provide some knowledgable answers. Thanks. RW

I don’t know… I find it hard to believe that you could absorb that much through the scrotum.
It’s not that large an area, although it’s true the skin is quite permeable there. There have been scrotal patches developed and they are able to deliver only enough T to be equal to about 100 mg/week (full replacement.) Although by using a larger area I suppose it’s reasonable that that could be doubled.

Increases like 100-200 mg/week are not very dramatic and for someone with normal T may not even be noticeable. For someone with low T, the difference is important and obvious, though.