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Question For Bill Roberts (4-AD before Mag-10)

Sorry in advance if this question has been addressed, but I did a search and came up with nothing. I was wondering if I could do a short cylce of 4-AD for two weeks and then go right into a cycle of Mag-10? Anyone else, feel free to offer input and thanks in advance.

You could but I think it would be a poor idea. The recovery from the MAG-10 cycle might be no faster than with any other four week cycle, that is to say, not nearly as fast as with a 2 week cycle. I’d allow at least enough time inbetween to be sure natural T production was regained. With Tribex + M, or Tribex + Vitex (e.g. the Solaray brand, 400 mg/day) that could be
as little as a week, but unless you’re in a super hurry I’d recommend 2-4 weeks.

Another advantage of having off time inbetween is that gains can be better due to there being more time since the last period of rapid gains. It’s a very real effect.

Thanks a lot Bill for the quick response!! Your advice is much appreciated.