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Question for Bill R

My Stats 24, 5,3 154 IB 12 -13% bf, I just lost about 10 pounds of muscle following a keto diet without any juice (Big Mistake)
I will be following your recomendations on a (350mg/week winstrol, primo 1g/week) 8 week cycle. I decided to use winstrol and primo because I was sick of the water retention I got using sustanon, dbol and deca combinations.
However I still want to gain as much lean mass as possible.
Will the above give me dramatic gains, I still have a lot of sustanon but don’t realy want to use it due to the water retention.
Or is there anything else I could add like Androsol?
Thanks for your help!

You should make good gains with that cycle, especially since you’re coming off of a loss. (You would even if not.)

You might like using the Sustanon at 250 mg on day 1, then a mere 50 mg twice per week for the rest of the cycle. This will just act to keep T levels normal during the cycle. Actually, what I would do is start off not using it, and if I started getting the feeling that maybe a little Sustanon would do some good, then I’d start the 250 mg then 50 mg 2x/week protocol.

I’m going to count the gram of Primo as being
“like” half a gram of “generic androgen” in calculating total dose. So your total dose, without adding T or one of the topicals, is
figured as being like 850 mg/week. This is
a good amount, though more can be used if wanted. I am sure that it is reasonable to
count maximum dose Androsol or Nandrosol usage
as being like 500 mg/week. So, if either of those was used full dose, you’d be up to 1350 mg/week. That’s not unreasonable but it’s probably overkill… I’d make it 35 sprays 2x/day if I used either of them. They would add some but you’d also make good gains with just the Primo and Winstrol.

Thanks for your help Bill.