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Question for Bill R.

I have seen you mention that more than one MAG-10 dose per day would not yield greater gains for most people. Is there a limit to 1-AE’s effect? For instance, you have mentioned that 4-AD is not anymore effective after a certain amount (the maximum dosage of Androsol). Does the same hold true for 1-AE?

I did have that opinion at the time of MAG-10’s launch and for a few months thereafter but with more people having used it, it’s more common than I first expected or realized for 1.5 doses or 2 doses to give yet more results than one dose.

However, if diet and training are as recommended, a strong majority are very
pleased with the results of one dose per day
(with two doses on the first day as a frontload
to immediately attain intended levels) and
usually stick with that for at least the
second cycle as well. When gaining for
example 10 pounds in two weeks – quite
ordinary for MAG-10 for someone at no
more LBM than they could achieve naturally
– whether somewhat more could have been
gained with 1.5 doses per day is not that
big a thing.

Comparing 1.5 and 2 doses per day it’s
pretty common for those having tried both
to consider them about the same, so for
many going past 1.5 is of questionable added value.

So for the short answer, basically I
recommend one dose per day (two doses
on first day) and increasing only if
after five days you really think there
is a good reason to do so. You probably won’t.