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Question for Bill R + T Men

I am following your advise and will start a cycle of 1g/Week Primo and 350mg/Week Winstrol for the first 4 weeks to build mass then I will be going into a cutting stage for the next 4 weeks. My question is during the cutting stage would I need to keep those high doses or could I reduce them a lot as it’s quite costly for a whole 8 weeks at 1g a week of primo etc.

I do think you need less while cutting, or
rather, the worsening of results from reducing
dosage is not as bad in a cutting phase as it is in a gaining phase. You could cut the dose
in half to save money and you won’t lose very
much more LBM for the same fat loss.

By the way, while I want to have seen the
results from more athletes before making
some kind of general blanket statement, I’m
liking the results – with steroids, not
when natural! – of cutting first, then
adding LBM, rather than the other way around.
This might be followed by at most 2 weeks of
dieting at the very end.

LBM loss while dieting seems better this way,
gains are dramatic in the gaining phase, and
overall it seems better. But, it’s not
the traditional and it’s still experimental
at this point (to me – maybe some others
have done quite a few direct comparisons of
the two ways of doing it
and have a better certainty on it.)

Thanks again Bill, your advise is much appreciated.
I will try cutting in the beggining and let you know my success with this.