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Question for Berardi or Shugart

Just a quick question. I see John is high on beans, but what kind of beans are these exactly, and are they sold in a bag, or something else? Also, what would be an example of a HIGH GI, bran cereal you would use post work out? Thanks.

I would also like to know this.

I just buy either black or red or pinto or kidney or garbonzo beans in the can with no added ingrediants. Don’t buy beans with any added oils such as some of the chili beans or baked beans - just buy plain beans in a can. Some processors add a small amount of sugar to the bean juice but this can be drained and rinsed off using the lid as a “strainer”. Add the beans to cottage cheese and/or tuna and mix in salsa/hot sauce to taste. Good beans will list 100-120 calories per serving on the can. If on a low cal diet, you can use green beans which are quite a bit lower in calories but lack a lot of the nutrition that the other beans have.

black or pinto beans cant be used in P/F meals, correct?

IMO, and I am a big believer in massive eating, beans if used in moderation (modest or small serving) are ok in P+F meal because beans are such a low glycemic carb source and high fiber, so by themselves, beans generate minimal insulin for a carb, especially if only eating a modest serving of beans with your P+F meal. I believe Berardi has stated that a “small amount of good fat” is ok in your P+C meals and conversely I believe a “small amount of low glycemic good carbs” is ok in your P+F meal. The important thing is not to mix larger amounts of carbs, especially insulin generating higher glycemic carbs with higher fat containing meals. Seperate PREDOMINATELY fat meals from PREDOMINATELY carb meals. Any carbs present in your P+F meals should be in small quantities of low glycemic types, if any at all.

Was puzzled by your question of a HIGH GI bran cereal, as by definition, a bran cereal is LOW GI. Any foods containing lots of bran or fiber are low GI due to fiber slowing digestion and the fiber or bran not being digested at all it self. I don’t believe there are any high GI bran cereals. Personally, I eat some Fiber One bran cereal and it’s fairly low glycemic and low calorie. If looking for high GI cereal, corn flakes are one of the higher GI. (and I guess it stands to reason as maltodextrin is made out of corn starch.) Also, I wanted to clarify my previous post on beans in a P+F meal. Beans are a carb source and would be best eaten in a P+C meal, ideally. In my 1st post, I mentioned not to buy chili beans as most chili beans come packed in oil (usually olive oil) for some reason and ideally you wouldn’t want to include beans in your P+F meal except in very small quantities as previously stated.

thanks bro, much appreciated.

JMB says a HIGH GI Bran solid cereal post workout, that’s why I ask.

Actually I think Berardi says “High GI, solid-fiber cereal”.

I’m confused on this also since like Heb said I thought any solid-fiber cereal would be low-gi because of the fiber. Can anyone clarify this and give an example of a cereal to use post workout?



Brqan isn’t high glycemic but is extremely insulinogenic. Scores very high on the insulin index. So it is only good for 2nd post wo meal

If you check out the 'ol insulin index wholemeal bread is almost as high on it as white bread, got a good few grams of fibre in too. Sweet corn is fairly high up if its canned, as the starch inside the protective fibre shell breaks down to sugar on processing. Ripe bananas also contain a fair amount of fibre but their starch also breaks down, however fruit generally is low GI not so much because of the fibre but due to fructose being a low GI sugar. It also tends to be very easily stored as fat (thats why beers eat fruit before winter. I bet you really wanted to know that).

John has stated about beans in P+F meals that it does seem to break the rule of massive eating food combinations but it’s okay because the combinations were laid out to help you understand that high carb meals containing a high fat content should be avoided. He also states that very high fiber, low glycemic foods, like beans, are sort of the exception to the rules as they barely raise blood sugar and blood insulin.

I also noticed about the High GI solid fiber cereal in the 1-2 hour postworkout meal. No answer for that but I have been using FiberOne with cottage cheese and strawberries.

I’m not sure exactly where I saw this, but I remember JMB giving SmartStart as an example of a high GI/high fiber cereal. However, upon inspection, I discovered some sketchy ingredients in this cereal (I beleive it was high fructose corn syrup, but it was a while ago that I checked, so I’m not positive.) Well, since this ingrediant was on the short list of things that I avoid at all costs, I took a trip over to Trader Joe’s to see what their cereal aisle had to offer. There I found a ceral called GreatGrains that seemed to fit the bill, so that became a fixture on my post-workout menu.

My post-workout (post-Surge) meal has since evolved into: 1.5 cups GreatGrains cereal and 2.5 cups Frosted Cheerios doused in vanilla Classic Grow instead of milk. This is honestly the tastiest shit I can even imagine eating, and IMO makes the perfect post-workout meal. I highly recommend you guys check out this combo.

Beans, beans good for your heart, the more you eat the more you fart. Beans, beans the magical fruit, the more you eat the more you poot. The more you poot, the better you feel, so eat beans with every meal.

Im bringing this one back. I still think the high gi fiber thing is confusing.

so whats better, oatmeal? oatbran? fiber cereals like total?, or cereals like cornflakes?

I’ve been using oatmeal for quite sometime, and it seems to be working well.

I’m sure your goals effect this, but say if your bulking.

Poliquin said he used Cornflakes for "extremely underweight atheletes. Rice Krispies would be very similar.

An example of a high GI cereal would be “Smart Start” or “Corn Pops”. The fiber during this PW meal should not be a big concern. What you’re looking for here is the GI/sugar “spike”. Push/drive the carbs in quickly.
Fiber can be consumed during other P and C meals throughout the day.