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Question for BBB


Hey BBB, I read your self phlebotomy thread and let me preface this by saying, I DO NOT PLAN ON DOING A SELF PHLEBOTOMY. Just a quick question since I am sure if anyone would know this, it would be you considering your general knowledge/specific experience with polycythemia?

Can an abnormally high RBC count, due to AAS use obvi, affect liver function and if so, will it affect E2 metabolism/clearance?


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Thank you, man. I have had a high RBC count even before any PED use and I have been experiencing the typical symptoms of polycythemia after a few months of blasting and cruising. Mostly just prickly itching and a general "urgghh" feeling, lol, best way I can describe it. I am also having problems with my E2, something that is definitely not typical of my body. Never needed an A.I., never get itchy nips, etc but libido is now shot which I am expecting is from E2, also some acne on my back.

Do you think donating blood will get me straightened out and is high dosing vitamin c necessary? If your not comfortable answering this through here, please send me a pm with your email. I have no problem compensating you for consultation.


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Thanks BBB. Gave some blood and two days later the itching has subsided and I am def feeling better. Ill update in a few weeks if I notice that my E2 problems have subsided or lessened to any degree. Thanks again Bushido, I appreciate the help man.