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Question for Any Lawyers?

When the right case comes along, you’ll sue.

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Dropped by lab tech Ho Lee Chit who was recently let go from a research clinic in Wuhan China for being clumsy.

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Thanks for the info. Most likely it’ll be the alternative, since the manager apologized up and down to the point of it being almost awkward, but promised me the nurse would be waiting for him, no lines, and they’d expedite the bloodwork with a high priority. But yes, being that we have a sort of high-ish deductible health plan, I should let my insurance company know.

This is all that’s important right now - no compensatable harm. To get money for something like that, when I’d so much rather have him just be okay, would be horrible.

Thanks again, man.

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Multi millionaires will pay handsomely for black market organs. Your kid is worth a LOT of money since they have his DNA to match as an unwilling donor.

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Nobody show my wife this thread, she’s still angry and gets confused when I use humor to alleviate fear.

But that IS kind of terrifying too. Would make a good short story for sure.

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Sometimes that the only way you can make it through something like this. I do this too, and yes I have pissed people off. In all seriousness, I know you don’t believe, but I silently said a prayer for your lil guy.

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I was an organist at churches for years. I don’t have to believe to appreciate and respect people’s beliefs, and I have never not been grateful to have someone pray for me or my family. Thanks.

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I just got back from two days of committee/board meetings for a public company on whose board I sit. LabCorp is a public company.

There is a a LOT of pressure on public companies in the healthcare space to be hyper-aware of public/patient responsibilities – mainly because it is kind of gross to make a profit from healthcare – but simultaneously, making a profit is why you get good people working hard there. Constant push-and-pull tension.

If you really wanted to be a pain in the ass, you could write 11 letters in the form above (one for each board member, by my count), each addressed to a board member. Just send c/o their general counsel.

The ESG/social responsibility committee would shove your letter right up someone’s ass so hard, his or her spleen would pop out.

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I think this is what @Californiagrown was getting at - don’t want some low level phlebotomist getting sodomized with a piece of paper because of some transit person’s fuckup. Anyway, his blood was drawn again just now. He’s eating ice cream with me, as promised. Bloodwork expedited, results in 1-3 days. They showed me it in the system too. Fee waived for the bloodwork too, insurance will cover the rest. Shit happens. Sucks, but it does. Feel silly for even musing about a lawsuit, but this whole parenting thing is still new to me, 4 years in. Will update again when we get the results.

No clue. It never shows up.

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I cant point to any credentials for this opinion so it’s probably no consolation but I would be shocked if something like SSN was on the labels/vials. it just seems like a completely unnecessary risk for the company with little to no benefit.

Name/DOB/SSN or some combination of those are quite often on blood samples. If you google ‘blood labeling’ and check out any of the lab or organization policies that you can find listed, SSN is quite often listed as a viable way of labeling things. Between names, DOB’s, and SSN’s, only SSN is the one unique thing. So it’s not necessarily on there, but it’s definitely possible. Or at least, I think it is. Am interested in this now, hopefully a Dr (@whang?) can chime in?

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That sucks, I would have expected them to use a patient or even sample id number and have the link to ssn in their system somewhere else. It also seems somehow unethical for the lab to know the personal info of the blood they’re testing. Especially if third party couriers are handling

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I’ve had a few too many of these recently for my own liking, and all I’ve seen is a bar coding system that refers to the patient ID and all of the pertinents, but different places, different systems.

Realistically though, it probably got misplaced, bounced around, maybe even dropped. In June when I was laid up the poor beginner girl that had to do the draws at like 1:00 am dropped a whole batch right after she left the room. I heard all the crash and whatnot, then she shows up again looking like a kicked dog and apologizing profusely. I felt kind of bad for her.


I think, all in all, this was a lot of me worrying about a million different things when I’m actually just worried about test results.

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Dude… I’m so sorry… I can’t imagine how nerve wracking this would be for a parent… it angers me to think

This happened, coupled with the incompetency of labcorp to actually lose THREE samples… with personal info attached… Something similar happened to my brother when we were very young (at the doctors they tried to operate on his foot without legitimate anaesthesia…) in front of my parents, my father said he wanted to take out the doctor then and there…

Both in terms of staff and company competency, what you’ve described reeks of unprofessionalism…

I wish you and you’re son the best of luck and I extend my sympathies towards you, you’re son and (presumably) you’re wife… I don’t know if you’re married

They screwed up. It’s not supposed to happen, but sadly it does. But it’s a mortal sin for a lab or lab techs or whoever to lose a sample. Being a bad offense, it should happen rarely. Glad they made it right. Hope your kid is doing fine flap.

As for SSN, does that stand for social security number? Anyway, different companies, different policies or practices. Academiclly speaking, for med techs, the bare minimum is name and birthday (for verification purposes) where I’m from. I think SSN (social security number) is overkill to write on the vial. If it’s just in the system, that’s a little less overkill. And yeah, the tech guy is right. Before they can even draw blood, you have to be in the system. Why? Cause they can’t charge you if you’re not, lol. Gotta make sure someone’s gonna pay for blood drawn. Capitalism is a bitch.

As for security purposes, I do hope they lost it in the lab and not really in transit. They should have a record or log book or something verifying that it was sent through courier or whatever if the blood had to be analyzed elsewhere. Maybe you can ask the manager to confirm if it was ever sent out at all. If the manager is more reasonable to talk to, I think it’s just fair to ask if they did send it out and got lost there. Let’s hope it’s just sitting somewhere in the lab.

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So, we got all the labs back besides Lyme, and besides his white blood cell count being a bit high, indicating a possible infection, he is free and clear on the cancer front. Still have to figure out what’s wrong, or if it will resolve itself eventually, but even if it’s Lyme I could give a shit compared to the other possibility. Phew!

Thanks for all the advice and well wishes, folks.


Sooooo, happy to hear this! Hopefully he just tweaked something and will be back up and running in no time.

Dang, that’s nice to hear man. I didn’t want to chime in about possibilities while the tests were pending, but I went through something myself when I was about 4 that sounds somewhat similar, and it turned out to be some really fucking painful “growing pains”. It is somewhat common around that age, but I remember few things clearly from that time and I remember hurt like a MF. Enough to have my mom freaking out and putting me through all sorts of tests. The actual cause is not really clear…but here’s hoping that’s all it really is.

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