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Question for all who are Anti-America

Who would you rather have as the worlds only remaining superpower? Do you really think the world would be a better place? If the USA is so oppressive to everyone else, how much worse do you think it would be under China, the old USSR or the new Russia? What about (with the exception of Great Britain) the pathetic, sycophantic EU? Please ask yourself these questions before you open your mouths and look really, REALLY stupid and ignorant.

How about NO superpower? Everything goes back to how it was a couple hundred years ago & we use technology very sparingly.

So, something like a Pre-WWI situation? That certainly was a mess…

I will be the first to admit that we (the U.S.) tend to be insensitive to some concerns of other countries and step on toes without even realizing it. Generally, it is our economic/cultural dominance that annoys other countries. Compared to the USSR and China, however, the US has used its military power sparingly and has generally left any affected area in better shape than when it intervened. Maybe the best people to ask about which superpower is preferable are located in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Tibet, Mongolia, Afghanistan, and Albania. Where is the quality of life better – South Korea (protected by the U.S. in the name of the UN during its formative stages) or North Korea (“protected” by the USSR and China)? Take a look at the environmental devastation in the central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union (most of which were added to the Russian empire in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. We (the U.S.) have our envirnonmental issues, but we have never engaged in the wholesale poisoning of the land that the Soviets did in order to support their industrialization efforts. There are similar problems in the Balkans, which have made the lower Danube an environmental disaster.


To understand the global Anti-American sentiment, you have to realise something.

Enron, Coke, Pepsi, Nike, Wal-Mart and Microsoft are your ambassadors to the world.

They fund your politicians' campaigns, the gov't subsequently pushes "free trade" agreements on other countries (Southeast asia, Canada, Mexico, and now trying for the FTAA to dominate the entire western hemisphere) and when the borders are opened for free trade, company shares are treated like a commodity like any other.

Local businesses are bought up by uncaring US corporations and the factories that once employed people of that nation are moved to Mexico or some third-world country in the name of 'efficiency'.

Yes. We're very, very thankful that the USA is killing local businesses globally.

It's the very least of the possible evils, I'll give you that. I suppose oligopoly is somewhat favourable to communism.

Honestly, I think India should become a Superpower.

Being the lesser of two evils doesn’t make something less evil. That’s like having a fascist dictator running your nation and saying “You can’t dislike him… at least he’s not Hitler!”.

And, for the record, I’m not “Anti-America”, I’m anti US Government. BIG difference.

I believe India and China will become the next super powers.

No offense, but China is already a Super Power.

No problems. As a matter of discussion though, do you think they are comparable to us as a superpower? I should have been more specific with my statement saying, that I think those two countries will be on our level, how the USSR and the USA were. And maybe China already is, what does everyone else think?

In my opinon China is a powerful Super Power,as powerful as the USA, not yet but close. If they ever take over a small island call Tawian then they WILL BE a POWERFUL SUPER POWER. I hope that never happens…

Sorry, but you’re being ignorant. Look at the top multinational companies, and you will see 3 countries that dominate international business – USA, GERMANY, and JAPAN. After that, we see dominance by the UK and also France. (Let’s talk about screwing Africa and then we can mention UK and France very frequently). The UK, in fact, holds more real estate in foreign countries than any other nation, including the US, by a mile. For every Microsoft, Coke, and Enron, there is a Vivendi, Siemens, or Matsushita in this world doing exactly the same thing American companies are doing. So, let’s talk about international interference and see what’s really going on.

By the way, the biggest customer of Canadian exports is the USA. So check your damn facts first before spouting off generalized inaccuracies.

Hmmm. The best superpower would definetly be Canada. They’re peaceful, don’t have any terrorism problems, don’t spend ridiculous amount of money on military. I’ve lived in both Canada and the States and the quality of life is higher in Canada. The only differance monetarily is that America creates way more multi-millionares. Canada isn’t oppresive at all.
Please don’t tell me to go back to Canada because I will pretty soon.


Do you not understand that the reason that Canada doesn’t spend much on the military is because the U.S.A. has them covered?

Yes, and do you know WHY Coke, Pepsi, Microsoft, etc. are able to do business in all those foreign lands? Because the people in those countries BUY those products. They LIKE them. They are NOT FORCED to buy them. We see the same argument here in the States when Walmart moves into smaller towns and either buys the local mom-and-pop stores or pushes them out of business. It’s called FREE MARKET ECONOMICS, something I KNOW you just loathe. Nevertheless, the people in those towns LIKE shopping at Walmart because they carry everything under the sun under one roof, and the prices are lower than anywhere else on earth. TRADE DOES NOT EQUAL IMPERIALISM!!! For every product sold, there must be a BUYER. If anything, the US, on the whole, puts up with a LOT more shit from other countries taxing and imposing tariffs on our exports than we give THEM when they try to sell their goods here. If the people in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Timbuktu, etc. don’t want to see a KFC on their block, all they have to do is STOP BUYING CHICKEN AT THAT KFC. Until they do, though, KFC has every right to try to sell their chicken there. In some Middle Eastern countries right now some of the people are trying to boycott American goods and services. Good for them – it’s their right to do so. (Probably won’t make much of a dent in the US GDP, but they have every right to do so. That’s how free markets work). On Tuesday, we’ll discuss Economics 102. :slight_smile:

Why does American for get how powerful econmicly China is. You forgot to put them in that catatorgy. You have to remember they have to of the wealthiest cities in the world Hong Kong and Shanghai.

fitone to Striker

Why does American for get how powerful econmicly China is. You forgot to put them in that catatorgy. You have to remember they have to of the wealthiest cities in the world Hong Kong and Shanghai.

If America is so “bad” why are so many people willing to risk everything, including life itself, to get here, legally OR illegally? There must be a reason we have an “illegal IMmigration problem.” In my contacts with people from other countries, they are glad to be here, and are willing to work VERY hard to succeed, because they are FREE.

Just to ask Damici a couple of things. Just because some stops buying at a KFC on the street does not mean it will go out of business. They can use revenue generated from other stores to keep the chain afloat in a foreign country.

And techniquly the USA is not a major trading nation. They consume more of the world’s goods than anyone else, and in fact import less than 5% of GNP (tho’ it is a large number but wrt the overall picture its not)

As for trade equaling imperalism we’ll state that if you’re in Africa working in a Nike factory your view might be different. As from economics 101 you should know how lucky we are to be born in the first world, and thus don’t have to worry about being among the masses of the poor that have become the new slaves.
I look forward to hearing your rebutal.