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question for all the Lonnie cardio followers...

When you do the Lonnie style cardio (45 minutes of walking at an incline) seperately from lifting, what nutrition do you follow it up with? P+C, Grow!, half a serving of Surge (which is what I think it should be followed with)? What do you all think?

I don’t ever push it to 45 minutes but for myself, if this is done first thing in the morning, my first meal of the day is protein/carbs. Usually liquid protein and oatmeal to be precise.

I don’t find it necessary to go protein/fat (unless you’re keto) to ‘prolong the fat burning’. It’s just not that simple.

Other people do follow this up with protein/fat meals and have their reasons for doing so.

Terry will probably chime in and give a great answer here, since this is how she does her cardio as well.

Oh, dear, my reputation exceeds me – er, precedes me! (grin)

Brent, I’d recommend saving Surge for weight lifting sessions and not moderate- or low-intensity cardio sessions. Even HIIT, if it’s short and sweet doesn’t need the type of PWO nutrition that Surge has to offer.

I DO recommend Surge for marathon runners, and it has a strong following on some of the runner/sprinter forums. Marthon runners have definite recovery issues, high cortisol levels generated by excessive/extended exercise and definitely need to maximize the refilling of glycogen stores.

In answer to your question, argument can be made for either. A while back Joel Marion posted some studies that proved that substrate utilization during exercise wasn’t affected by the meal prior to exercise. Do a search on “Joel Marion substrate,” without the quotes of course, and click on the “Coffee before fasted-state cardio?” thread and come to your own conclusions.

Even though I currently follow my fasted-state cardio with a P+F meal, my research shows that post-exercise (i.e., post-cardio in this case), your skeletal-muscle insulin sensitivity is at an all-time high. Post-cardio and PWO are IDEAL times to take in carbs (including fruit).

So have I stirred things up well enough that you’re TOTALLY undecided? (grin)

Substrate utilization is unaffected by the preceeding meal provided the bout of exercise is of sufficient intensity.

Intensity should be the determinent.

As you specifically asked about low intensity I think you can get away with P&F, this would certainly be ok if 30mins or less. That said I think 45 mins is pushing the envelope and a P&C meal may be a better choice certainly if using moderate to higher workload.

It also depends upon what your plan is for the rest of the day.

OMG, did I actually commit to anything?

thanks for the replies