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Question for a Training Partner


I've been following a normal 4 days a week Press Monday/Deadlift Tuesday/Bench Thursday/Squat Friday 5/3/1 program for a good while now, and now I have a dilemma with a potential training partner. I got a co-worker to start going to the gym with me today, and he seems intent on sticking with it, but I'm having some difficulty figuring out the best way to work him into my program, since he can only work out on Monday through Thursday. He drives home, about 2 hours away, Thursday after work.

The way I'm thinking about it, I have a few potential options:
- Switch to a 3 days a week schedule (not my favorite option, but maybe the most feasable)
- Get rid of my rest day on Wednesday and work 4 days straight, with 3 days off on the weekend (maybe weekend conditioning?)
- Put his squats on Bench day and do more accessory work while he squats?
- Put his squats on Tuesday, and Deadlift as an accessory to squat (I don't like this either, I don't want to short him on the benefits of heavy squats and deadlifts)

I'm looking for suggestions. Do any of these options seem strong? Are there any good options that I haven't thought of, yet? Will he quit coming after a few weeks and remove my dilemma? (hopefully not, I enjoy the added motivation I get from working with a partner) Thanks in advance for any input.


If it were me, I’d do a two day template.

You can chase mobility, conditioning, explosiveness, etc for the remaining time.


" I got a co-worker to start going to the gym with me today, and he seems intent on sticking with it…"

Don’t change a thing. Have him come and lift with you, on your schedule. If he is consistent (one year of not missing training), then you two can work something out. Training is important to me and probably to you. This guy has not proven a thing. And it is not your job to adjust your life and your training so he can jump aboard his latest “hobby” for the next two weeks. He needs to prove himself.

I have been in this situation or the “write me a workout!” situation so many times. All of these people, ALL OF THEM, have quit. This has been since high school.


Thanks for the reality check, Jim. I think my best bet is to keep my program as-is, and I’ll get him to squat on my deadlift days, since I’m doing front squat as an assistance for deads anyway. It won’t be optimal for him, but it’ll be good enough, and it’ll give him a chance to prove his dedication.