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Question Concerning Next Cycle


Im about to start my next cycle.

test cyp 600mg EW
EQ 400mg EW

I have researched this question countless times and im getting mixed opinions. I know i am prone to MPB and im fully aware that "all steroids cause hair loss". But right now im trying to decide if it would be best to use proscar at 1mg ED or just use nizoral 2%. Im not too clear on the effect proscar will have on size and strength gains for this cycle, or if proscar is not good to combine with EQ.
Is this even a high risk cycle if your prone to MPB?


Not all steroids cause hair-loss, that's where you're wrong. And let's be technical, even cholesterol is a steroid. You meant to say AAS.

As I'm guessing you already know, Nizoral is just your typical anti-dandruff shampoo with only mild (and inconslusive) anti-androgen properties.

That being said, yes. If I were you I'd stick to Nizoral for the moment unless you start suspecting an increase in hair loss, then add Proscar to your arsenal.

Personally, I'm not prone to MPB but I like the fact is has very impressive effects in reducing the risk for prostate cancer.