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Question Concerning Injury.

Earlier this week Monday, one of my friends didnt put back his dumbell and unfortunetly when i got done and went to slam my dumbells after a decline press, i crushed my finger between the dumbell and his dumbell.

It turned out to be a oopen fracture with 7 stiches and a fractured left hand pointer finger but only the top part of the finger, the tip.

My question is I havent lifted since monday and doc says stiches come out tuesday but finger wont full heal for another 6-8 weeks. I was wondering what i should do concerning diet, and when to get bak to the gym. Im currently around 150lbs, 5’8, 17 years until jan. 15


You could probably do unilateral excercises with your right hand, while it does create an imbalance it also helps your left side from wasting as much muscle. And I think there’s an article on training with a broken hand/fingers somewhere on here.

Edit: http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_beginner/lifting_with_a_bruised_finger
Another poster with a broken finger.

Doesn’t look live it will be very useful to you if your gym doesn’t have all those fancy machines. Let’s hope they do. Maybe you can improvise using a cable station? If you don’t mind looking dumb that is :smiley:

Oh. That’s a finger.

Thank God for that.

Maybe you should squat? I mean, you can still do things that don’t require grip, things like using machines, squatting, lunges.

I’ve repeatedly jammed my fingers and been able to row through them. I guess I’d recommend eating as normal and seeing what you feel comfortable getting away with in the gym, and going from there.

im thinking maybe just lower body or something, maybe a few machines, u guys know any arm like tricep bicep workouts?

Sweet Jesus! Did you scream and run a few laps around the gym holding your hand in pain? I would have.

I’d do whatever you can handle without reopening that cut. Not the end of the world if you can’t curl for a month.

ha it was more of a shock kinda thing, but im just afraid im goin to lose mass

So just stick to machines and lower body? Shold i eat less or ne thing because i dont know if im gonna use all of that calories and carbs im afraid id just end up gainin fat