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Question: Behind Neck Pulldowns and you?


Hi everybody here, I've been a iny tiny bit inactive lately.

But I figured This would be a good place to ask a question about training.

I was at the gym the other day doing my stuff with my girlfriend, after doing the last set of chinups I went to the pulldown-'machine' loaded it up with the insane weight of 7KGs, I mean the bar alone helping the weight down is like 4KGs. So, like 3-4KGs of effective load if you remove weight the bar. If you get what I mean?

I usually do them after the chin-ups-sets because It feels like they 'stretch' my shoulders/back in a way that feels good. Not because of the weight, but because of the motion it has, I just need a weight that keeps the bar from going down on it's own almost.

After like the 5th rep a girl that's a fitness group trainer walks over to me saying that you should not do them, they're bad for you. I say, I think it's ok I'm just 'stretching' em a little with a very low weight and good form.

And She's like, I don't know It's not good for you no matter, I'd never ever do them or tell anybody to do them. I said I think it's ok for me to do them, and she was like.. Whatever you're wrong and you're going to hurt yourself.

Now, I know that the behind neck pulldown is a matter of discussion. But I can do behind the neck pullups if I want to without too much issues. Would 4KGs (effective) loaded Behind the neck pulldown Be harmful for a normal healthy person to perform a total of 12-24 reps a week? I harly think so, but she seems very convinced.

Does she have a point? I feel it's safe and think it's ok.

Share your thoughts please, and keep it civil.. <.<


No, it will not hurt you.


Then do these as part of your warm up: