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Question: Anavar/Oxandrolone


Was also thinkin about maybe trying Anavar/Oxandrolone.. anyone have any input on them>? what does?best place to get? are they still available?


Well anavar is great for strength/mild size with very little sides. it will cost you though if you can find it. the best place to get it is a trusted source (which no one on here will give you) so a search will be in order.


What kind of PCT would someone do for an anavar only cyle?

CME suggest no PCT is needed, but that doesnt make sense, since supression is involed.


Because anavar is a 17aa compound it does not mess with your t-levels and also does not aromtise which is reason why pct is not needed. IP makes 15mg tabs which have to be crushed before use because they have hard casings.


The fact that it is 17aa has nothing to do with whether or not it affects your t-levels. Anavar does mess with your natural production of test, though not to a great extent. I would still suggest a very light PCT after an anavar only cycle. I run Clomid at 50mg/ed for 2 weeks.


Benefits of Anavar:
Muscle Hardness
Strength (though nothing extreme, more of a steady gain)
Keepable Gains
Increase In LBM
Easy on the Sides

Disadvantages of Anavar:
Often Faked
Often Underdosed
Gains made are small, nothing huge.


why not try Carbolin 19.. they say it is better than anavar?