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Question: AD, Cholesterol, and Testosterone

Ok, so a low carb diet, with a good balance of fats will help the body produce more testosterone.

My question: Is it the absence of carbs, or the fat ratio which is the major factor here?

I take 4 Flameouts and a few servings of flax seed everyday, along with a liberal amount of animal fat. I’d like to safely add in some carbs without screwing everything up.


A lot of hormones work in drastically different environments.

A good rule of thumb I use (and someone please correct me here if I am wrong):
-Insulin present with higher carbs (duh)
-Testosterone present with higher fat
-Growth hormone present in fasting/sleeping state

Your flameouts+flax+almonds+animal fat should keep your testosterone at healthy levels while low carbing.
Your carb reloading days will boost insulin and pump nutrients into your muscles.

Not 100% sure but I believe it is more the fat ratio because cholesterol is the precursor to testosterone.