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Question About Zinc and Lowering E2


Im started the adnrogel again. Since I had side effects at 4 pumps (chronic pain was worse and felt bad and testicular pain), I am starting aout at 2 pumps for a week, then go to 3, then 4 etc.. Actually, I took 4 pumps for 4 days and quit because I felt so bad. After 2 days, I felt great for approx 1 week then crashed. To the question. Until I can see my endo in Jan, I wanted info about how to lower E2 in case my levels are up. I dont know that my E2 is up, but I thought this would be worth trying if I feel bad again from the Androgel.

Is Zinc and magnesium just a waste of time to lower E2? If you guys think it will help some, how much should I take? What else can be done to lower E2 naturally? Also, anyone know how long it takes the Androgel peak (fully absorb) after applying (10 minutes? 8 hours?)? I also want to state how much I appreciate this site and how much I have learned in the last 3 to 4 weeks since finding out my T was 185. I will definatley print out the info on this site to take with me to the endo in Jan.


Androgel levels peak in a hour or two and fall rapidly after that. You can try applying twice per day. FT falls fast as it gets converted T-->SHBG_T and T-->E2 and docks with T receptors.

With injected T, most of the time the needed anastrozole dose is very predicable. With transdermals, this is not true because the amount of anastrozole needed depends on how much T is in your body, an unknown with transdermals.

I don't know that magnesium is a significant factor in T-->E. Zinc really cannot manage most cases where one has high serum T levels and seeks to get near E2-22pg/ml

When your testes ached, your LH dropped. With transdermals, one can get low LH and lower T levels with some cases of mal-absorption. You really need lab work to know that to do.

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