Question About Your New High Freq. BB Program

Hey Christain,
Was wondering if there was much supersetting between machines or equipment in the program? I train at a somewhat busy time so taking different machines is pretty hard.


No not that much

Thanks CT, I ended up getting the progran and really liking the look of it, cant wait to start tomorrow. Just another question, for the overcoming isometrics do you need to add load or is just the barbell?

Just the barbell since you are pushing all-out on pins thus producing maximum force

Which neuro type(s) would fit this high frequency BB plan? I’m a 2B and am curious which of your programs for sale would fit.

Also, did you finish or post that neuro typing assessment you mentioned working on? Thank you.

2B would be more the maximum muscle program… 2B can also do well on the high frequency although it might not have enough bodybuilding work for them. Type 2B, 3 and even type 1A can do well on the high frequency program.

Well shoot, I bought the HFBB and as soon as I reviewed it I knew it didn’t fit me. Is it possible to switch/exchange for the Max Muscle plan? Honest mistake.

Contact and they will take care of you

Hey ct,
On the eccentric emphasis day it has frankenstein squats. Do i do those from pins or without?

Without. If it was from pins it would say “Frankenstein squat from pins”

They did take care of me, thanks for understanding!

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