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Question About Your Blog Post On Type 1A Training

In your 2 part Blog on Thibarmy you start out saying that 75% of training for a 1A should fall under 3 categories. But I wasn’t ever able to make out clearly what those where in either of the 2 videos. The first one is about “advanced gymnastics” but if I understand you correctly you only meant that as an example.

Would you clarify for me what you think the 3 categories a type 1A should spend 75% of their training doing? I am attempting to build a training program and this would help me out a lot.
My notes so far:
Effective rep range: 1-6
Effective special rep types: partials, slow eccentric, pauses
Effective sets: Wave loading, clusters
Must keep the volume low
Don’t need variation where intensity is present

Thanks Coach