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Question about WSFSB III

I’m going to start this program but I was curious to why it doesn’t emphasis deadlifts at all.

It’s not a program; it’s a template.

Read it again. On every max effort lower body day you work up to a max in a squat or deadlift variation. Every lower body day, romanian deadlifts are an option for the accessory posterior chain exercise. That should be plenty of deadlifting for anyone.

And really, if you don’t like something about it, you can change it. If you feel like deadlifting more, break a leg. As long as you’re making progress, who cares? That is what makes a template different from a program.

Romanian Deads are a recommended exercise on DE Lower day.

Trap Bar and straight bar (sumo and conventional) and rack pulls are recommended options on ME lower day.

Lots of deadlift options there if you really want to emphasize deadlifts on the program.