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Question about Workout Length

I have seen alot of advise floating about about not letting your workout go longer than an hour.

Now this may sound like a silly question but what counts as the ‘workout’??

I was thinking that a 10 min warm up and mobility work at the beginning and some stretching and foam rolling at the end don’t really count as a ‘workout’ because you aren’t really exerting yourself. This means i have an hour for some hard weight lifting.
What do you guys think? Am i over thinking this??


[quote]Master Yoda wrote:
Am i over thinking this??



Just get in there, do your thing, and go home and eat.

Repeat for a couple years.

70 minutes total OH NOEZZZZ u wil die after 62 minutez

Only consider the time for hard weight lifting as you put it. I don’t know if that extra time doing cardio (ewwww), mobility makes a difference but I only consider the time spent lifting. At the end of the day I work to finish my workout, leg days take longer than arm days but all I care about is finishing.