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Question About Winstrol Kickstart Cycle

Hey guys i just want to know if im doin right to take winstrol before taking test prop, ill use 20mg of winnie for 1 week then test prop, all i need to know is only about how it will affect my sex life in this period of 1 week i will be able to have sex or not at all not asking about libido problems just if i will be able or no wood :smiley: i dont want my gf to get suspicious before i start my cycle so all i need to know is this, thank you guys.

Start both at the same time. There’s no reason not to.

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Hey guys i just need some answers from experienced people like you, i just took winstrol 10mg yesterday and today 10mg total 2 pills of 10mg in 2 days, i just regret the whole steroid thing and i throw everything i have to the garbage i will continue naturally, how bad i could be supressed with 2 pills? I feel very low with sex drive should i need pct for just 2 damn days of winstrol use?

You’ll be fine. Minimal effect from two days of pills at that dose. Move on and don’t worry about it. It’s good that you learned something from this experience. Keep your head up, train hard, enjoy your life.

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oh god thanks for replying mate, you say that i can recover without the need of any medication? the low sex drive is the one thing that bothers me more than anything just 2 days before i was a bull and i could do it 5 times a day now i barely get and erection

This is purely mental. The winstrol has nothing to do with this your just freaking yourself out. Soon as you calm down that lil fella will be standing up again no worries

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I wish this is true bro ill just take rest for a week and see what happens or i will try to find nolvadex :confused: