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Question about Whey Protein

Hello, first im new here. Was reading long before oh and i hope my english is ok😅. Got a Question about my hydrolized whey isolate its pure witout any flavours or additives. Well i dont do well with dairy (acne, bloating etc) when i Drink it i notice a little i gues mild intolerance reaction, my eyes get a bit watery and mild congestion. BUT i always feel like performance and recovery is better dont get the same results with vegan protein powders. So Question would be does this mean i dont get benefits from my whey should i skip it? Why do i feel it speeds my recovery if my body cant tolerate it? Any ideas what do you guys think?

Do you know what it is specifically that you don’t react well to? If it’s the lactose, you could always try some isolate that is lactose free. Not sure what brand you’re using, but ya get what you pay for.

Whey is one of the best, if not the best, complete protein sources out there, so it’s no surprise that you feel good taking it and that it fuels your recovery.

Whether or not you cut it out, it’s up to you based on how you react to it. Again it could be the brand/type you’re using.

Egg white protein powder would be a better alternative than plant-based protein powder if you want to get away from whey.

Ok cool, well its hydrolized isolate zero carbs so i gues it cant get any cleaner. The thing is just im suffering from an autoimune dissease and milk is something nearly every expert (or so called) says is bad for you. Just wondering and asking for advice.

Well if you have an autoimmune disease and your doctors are telling you stay away from milk/dairy, you probably should! So what exactly are you asking? Should you keep taking it, if it puts your health in jeopardy? No, definitely not.

Speeding muscle recovery and what your body can tolerate aren’t related. Whey protein is a great complete protein source, but if your body can’t tolerate it, you shouldn’t be taking it. That doesn’t the fact that whey is a great protein source for repair and growth, or what it can do for you.

Again you could try egg white protein, rather than a plant based protein, or stick with whole foods. Protein powder is certainly convenient but whole foods are also perfect and you’ll burn more calories digesting them.

If you have a more specific question, please post exactly what it is you want to know.

I gues this is exactly what i needed to hear. You are totaly right thank you man. This is something i always liked on this page you can get some great no BS advice or some honest opinions.
I gues if you dont tolerate something than hydrolizing doesnt change a lot.

Plenty of times it is a low quality protein with various additives and fillers. I would tell you to check the label but I don’t trust most of the supplement manufacturers. I’ve said it before but quality. Short of that you may have an intolerance to milk products.

Yeah hydrolysed whey a big step up in terms of recovery from all main-street supplements(not including Plazma/Surge etc)

Just try taking some lactase/digestve enzymes with it