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Question about Wendler`s 5\3\1


Hey guys i wanted to ask this : after the first cycle do we add 5 pounds to the 90% number or do we add it to the original 1RM and than calculate everything again?

  1. There's a thread for 5/3/1 questions.

  2. Buy the book.


lol at your name


No need to be a dick.



The 90% number



Fail troll is fail. I remeber my first 5/3/1 cycle, i complete ignored using consevative maxes and used my competition maxes instead. Be safe to say i was looking foward to the deload week.


JPegg, i mean you no disrespect, and you know Jim personally, so maybe you know he doesnt care about this- but i dont think RapeWeight is being a dick in saying that.

Not only do we have two 5/3/1 threads, in which that question has clearly been answered several times, but its FOR SURE in the book. and it sucks that 5/3/1 is going to help the lifter out SOOO MUCH, but people cant cough up the $20 for the book. between Jim's q&a on elitefts, and certainly the info in here, people can put together the routine.

It comes down to a respect thing. People want to use a man's ideas and reap all the benefits, and snub him when it comes time to pay the bill? Busche league.


None taken. It wasn't the message at all, but the delivery. Seems that people get so caught up in "board life" that they forget the whole purpose of forums in the first place. I don't think to ask for, or offer a bit of tact is too much to ask, especially to someone that is brand new here.



Hooray for decorum!


Ok a few things :
1. No trolling so srjoker fook off.
2. I plan on ordering the book i just didnt get into it yet.
3. thanks Jpeggefs for the only respone needed for this thread.

Oh yhea ive seen the 2 threads about the program i just figured it will be quicker to ask it here than spend a whole weekend looking for it.


Like Pegg said, 90%. You will love the ebook, I feel I have a pretty good grasp of the program, but seem to learn something new everytime I skim over it.



In the book Wendler says to add to your max no?? I may have read it wrong. I've been doing it the way you mentioned above cos I always thought it didn't make sense to add it to your max because you'd then be getting 85,90 and 95% of 5 or 10lb. Which is effectively 5-10lb anyway!!


I believe he was referring to adding the 5/10 to your 90% max number, not your full on 1 RM that you take 90% of at the beginning.


I get a little upset when people ask a question about the very basis of a program instead of buying the program and supporting the man who made it. It might not be Mr. Wendler's sole source of income, but nonetheless...


Yeah that's my understanding also.

establish a max

use 90% of this for first cycle - this is your 'Training Max'

add weight (5/10lb) to your 'Training Max' each cycle


(Warning: I'm about to geek this thread up.)

It doesn't matter. Do the math. Lets say your max is M. Then your training max is T.

We therefor have:
T = M * .9

If you add 5 to your training max (T' is your new training max):
T' = (M * .9) + 5

If you add 5 to your max:
T' = (M + 5) * .9
T' = (M * .9) + 4.5

So, uhm. There's a difference of a half a pound between the two.

I personally just add 5 lbs to every set.


awesome as always goo