Question about Weight Jumps for Training Max

I am new to the forum just signed up big fan of the 5/3/1 books and Jims work. I am running pervertor from 5/3/1 forever. I am pretty sure I set my training max way too low for my lifts. Can you increase more than the recommended 5 lbs press/bench and 10 lbs squat/deadlift. I don’t want to hinder my progress and strength gains. All my sets just feel way way too easy even with short rest between sets. I appreciate any help or comments on this topic.



Maybe do a TM test/7th week protocol?

Nope you never increase faster.
Wendler states this in the 7th week TM test, even if you do better than the expected 5 clean reps you don’t add more weight.

What % did you set your TM too for each lift? What are you 1rm and whats the first week look like as far as weight goes?

You can increase the weight however you want. It doesn’t mean you should though.

that is a good idea I was considering doing that, but was curious if I could just double the typical weight jump and continue from there. Guess i’m being greedy and wanting to keep going with the cycles rather than doing what you suggested.

Maybe do the program? Just a thought.

Go back and read the FAQs in one of the books, been answered a million times

This question gets asked so much it makes me wonder -
Look man - with all of the options to challenge yourself- who cares. do jokers or a rep pr- this ensures that y’all can do what you want on any given day. I guarantee you though, and I am doing pervertor too, it will get interesting real quick’if you are doing the conditioning and the anchor to the letter.

Just remember that TM test is to ensure that the TM isn’t to high, but if you can do like 50 reps I’d say it’s a bit low… Keep your low TM and progress for a long time.

How long have you done 531 and how did you find your TMs?

In Forever it’s stressed out very clearly that you don’t have to increase the TM more than the 5/10 lbs increments.
It would help to know exactly at what point of the program you are and what numbers you’re doing in the PR weeks, if you’re doing like 10 reps on 1+ weeks that’s perfectly fine

One of his main principles is “Start too light”…so you’re doing it right. Remember that if you’re using 85% TM, those 5 reps have to be strong and fast. He said “I never want these to be a true 3RM or 5RM”, i.e. no grinding out those reps…

If you want to increase the weight, then go ahead. But just be aware that it goes against Jim’s principles and what you’re doing is now no longer following the core principles of Forever 5/3/1.

What we need to know is what you set your TM percentage at, and how you determined that. This program calls for 85% in the book, and doesn’t look like it’d be too easy in any of the weeks at that kind of TM.

Youre right valid points. I am doing 85% TM but I never actually tested my 1rm before jumping back onto 5/3/1 when wendlers forever came out. I was running PRRS before and wasn’t using percentages just going by feel and getting a weight that would have me reaching close to failure at the desired rep range with 1-2 left in tank. I know how the program works and am following it to the T. I made the post cause I am pretty sure my 1rm numbers I used to get my training max were way too low cause I haven’t done percentage based training or tested my 1rm in quite some time. I guess I’ll finish my cycle on pervertor and do the 7th week TM test protocol.