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question about veins

Hi guys,
I’ve read a lot about how it is possible to thicken and strengthen your bones by striking things. I really want to try this especially to to the boniest part of my forearm(just near the wrist).The thing is, my veins run directly over the section of the forearm that would likely be taking most of the impact.I have seen a lot of people hit things with this part of the forearm(eg wooden dummies) but i’m not sure if their veins run in the same line that mine do.Basically, my question is: is it safe for me to strike things with the side of my forearm where the veins run?Or will this do some serious damage to the veins?
Please help me out guys because i think i’m going to go through with it.

Simply put that’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

Please, just go ahead and hit stuff. Nothing significant will happen to your veins.

I guess if you are the same species as they are, the possibility that your anatomy is the same is very high.

You dont need to strike things to make your bones stronger. Lifting weights increases bone density/strength.

If you are looking to increase overall forearm size try heavy deads w/o straps, pull-ups w/o straps (or try towel-chins if you really want to know what grip strength is), heavy rowing movements w/o straps (do you see a pattern?), as well as variations of hammer and reverse curls (try a 2-3 second pause in the top position to really pound your forearm area. I would not advocate striking anything solid with your wrists, even wooden dummies. Bruce Lee was infamous for the power he used when working on wooden dummies but I don’t think anyone was ever blown away by his forearm size. There are specific patterns used in striking those dummies and the forearm “strikes” you see are actually blocks and parries, generally not meant as offensive strikes to be used on an opponent. And basically if you hurt your hand and/or wrist by using some crazy striking routine you could put yourself out of commision for a long time. You can’t do much with a bum wrist, trust me. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do to increase your wrist size beyond what it is now. Try not to get caught up in looking for “miracle” type answers for your physique questions. The tried and true methods for getting strength and size are out there (and most likely on this site somewhere), so train hard and try to realistic with the goals you set in the gym.

what he is refering to is a routine used by fighters by which they strengthen the bones by conditioning them with constant impact. for instance by friends can kick walls with their shins while if i did that i would fall to the groung in massive pain. laters pk

jason you can work your way up to it slowly over YEARS and it will be ok, no your vains arent much different.

you are not really strengthening the bone, you devloping scar tissue and desensitizing the area you are striking with. Something to think about is that most Thai boxers in Thailand can’t walk without serious pain after years of this type of abuse on their shins. I would just concentrate on building your forearm mucsles up. Muscle= padding.

In chinese martial arts this striking is done but they start out with tapping. There is an exercise called five star where you work specifically on the area you mentioned. It’s much better to tap lightly and OVER TIME your bones will develop. Also most people that do this also use a bruise linement called Dit Da Jow to aid in strengthening their bones. You may be able to find some to purchase if you do a search online.

ok thanks for the responses guys.
for some strange reason i can’t read the last few responses