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Question About Use of HCG Together With TRT


When combining HCG with TRT, there are a few questions I have.

How mandatory is starting HCG right away? I have heard from one source you want to start HCG right away before any testicular shrinkage, i have heard from another source that even if you started TRT and experienced any shrinkage, that by going on lets say 500mg of hcg x2/wk you can reverse that …

Also, TRT is in general much more portable and easier to manage than HCG which is perishable/needs refrigeration, cant be stored as long term, can be easily damaged, etc…

How flexible is it going on/off HCG temporarily? again this goes to that reversibility question, What if im on TRT and HCG and then lets say i go on a camping trip in the mountains or something, or i do some other thing and end up in some circumstance where i can easily bring my Test Cyp along, but its a bit hard to find good storage and refrigeration for the HCG, if lets say maybe this lasts a week to several weeks or maybe even longer, will this be a problem? if HCG is temporarily stopped and TRT only is continued, and then later go back on the HCG, will any shrinkage that happens in the process, etc… be reversed?

Im not talking about effects of going on TRT minus HCG for years, im talking about a few weeks/ couple months at most for any reason…

How sensitive is this issue ??



The HCG is not sensitive to skipping for a vacation etc. just resume when you get back. I usually try not to take my meds with me.