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Question About USAPL Meets


Hi everyone, I signed up for the NJ states USAPL meet a little over two weeks ago and I was wondering if the meet director emails you confirming your entry or is there a meet roster that gets posted up. I'm concerned because my last meet was an RPS meet, and everything was done electronically; payment and form. I was also sent an email to weigh-in.

I have emailed Robert Keller, the meet director, but he told me to email him again, which I have but he hasn't responded since. I assume he's just busy.


He is a busy guy, just email or call him again if you don't hear from him. I'm surprised more feds aren't going the RPS route with online registration and payment

Good luck at your meet.


For NC they have a pretty well updated website that posts a roster for their meets.


I believe he is at the World Games right now. Chances are you're all set. He runs a tight ship.


Keller is a pain to get in contact with but he runs a pretty good meet. Just check to see if the check you used for your entry fee has been deposited. I'm doin this meet too, Junior Raw 148. What class are you?


Hara and pk0ad- Thanks. I'll probably contact him again one or two days out.

xneverbackdown - I'll check if the check was deposited tomorrow. I'm going to do the 181 Open. I'll be the chinese guy with glasses and a tight blue/white singlet. haha

I mailed it in like 4 days before the deadline and was worried.


I'm doing this meet as well. Junior 181 class