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Question about TRT Protocol


Forgive me if I'm not following all the rules about posting. I think this is a great site and the knowledge here is amazing. I'm a long time reader, first time poster.

Basically, was put on 5mg Androgel, tested a month later. Numbers lower than before I was on the gel. Was given a shot of HCG 3000cc and re-tested. Numbers went up a little. He then prescribed me Test Cyp that I filled and I had to bring it to the office to have him inject. He has given me 2 shots of 300mg Cyp a week a part. I have to re-test in a few days. I was instructed to keep taking the Androgel as well. The things I though were weird were that I was tested for Total Estrogen, not extradiol. Also, I am under the impression that if my numbers come back acceptable, then the shots are over and I continue the gel.
Does this sound right? What happens to the Test Cyp that he is holding? Can he keep it?
I feel amazing but and worried about no AI - also a lack of a plan for me to see. I guess the issue is that I really haven't spoken with him ( office staff does the injections) and I don't want to go too long between the shots. Is it possible that he is front-loading me?

Thank You again for all your knowledge and experience on this site...your feedback is greatly appreciated.


TRT does not need to be front-loaded. The dosages he is giving you are close to what you would use for a steroid cycle, not TRT. 100 mg/week is standard protocol. Your levels (T and E2) will be all over the place, and retesting "in a few days" will be meaningless. If you go back to the gel, you will eventually be back to where you started.

Your doctor is an idiot. Find a new one. (This should be added to the "stupid things doctors say" post)



uhmmmm... yeah....

you see.....


....I have no idea where to start with this besides to recommend finding a new doctor if at all possible stat.

you are setting yourself up for a huge crash, a huge estradiol spike, and stressing your entire system.


Thanks Guys --- I appreciate it--The other issue is that my next blood test is only for Total Testerone, Free Testosterone, FSH, and LH --- That's it. So if my E2 is 100, I'll never know.

Thanks Again.