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Question About TRT Dose Strength and Frequency

I am currently taking .5ml of strength 200mg/ml test cyp once a week. So that give me a 100mg dose once a week.I am wanting to change to twice a week dose to help stay level.

I am curious, if I can go .25ml pins twice a week. OR does it make more sense to change the vial strength to 100mg/ml test cyp and do .5ml twice a week. Does it matter? Seems hard to measure out .25ml with the syringes I have.

As a bonus question, anyone having luck with SUBQ injections?

That follows the protocol with the best rate of success here.

You sure can still pin .25ml its just a pain in the ass twice as often and difficult to measure as you have noted. So switch to subq makes it a lot easier. As for the switching of the vial I would not. We have at least one member here who uses a 1ml pin for subq loaded with the full 1ml of 200mg that he uses a total of 4 times (two weeks) with no extra discomfort. I plan on switching to the same directly.

The current “best practice” as spoken to that seems to show high rates of success on this board is 100mg a week, divided in two dosages 3.5 days apart with .5mg of anastrazole at time of each injection with 250IU of HCG every other day.

It all depends on what levels your SHBG are at, low SHBG smaller injections more frequently and the opposite if high SHBG. I’m assuming you just started TRT, right? I’m going to try SubQ or shallow IM once I make a full recovery, don’t want to slip backwards.

Awesome, thanks for the responses. Yes, I am 8 weeks into it and started on 200mg a once a week and my levels went crazy high — over 3000! I am cutting the dose in half to 100mg a week.

My vial has anastrazole … it says 200mg/1mg ml. So if I go to twice a week injections of 50ml dose (.25ml pin), that would give me .25mg of anastrazole each pin. Should I up that? Or see how that works out?

Also, I take it he loads the SUBQ pin to 1ml because they are difficult to load (oil based cyp). And then pins 4 times with the same syringe. Do you use the same needle? Or can you change the needles on those syringes just like IM injections.


Inject with #29 1/2" 0.5ml insulin syringes. Slow to load, injection time is OK. Subq avoids muscle damage and provides for slower release and steadier levels. in USA ~$14 per box of 100 at Sam’s or Walmart. No Rx required in many jurisdictions.

Thanks KSman.

Do you inject straight into the quads / glutes just like IM injections? Or do you pinch your fat around your waist and do that?

I prefer subq over legs, pinch up a slight mound of skin and inject into the end of that with needle above/parallel to muscles. That way I can see better and also see veins to be avoided. I am very vascular in that regard.

Some get sore lumps from subq. I get lumps in belly and not legs and some the other way around, experiment as needed.

Can you inject straight in, like shallow IM? Or do you go more parallel to the body, like at an angle?

Pinch up skin a bit to create a mound and inject into end of that with needle parallel to muscles below. Look for and avoid surface veins if you can see them [easy for me as I am very vascular]. This method works even when skin/fat over leg is quite thin.

Ok, I am finally switching from 1 weekly IM injection to twice a week. My wife has boxes of 1ml 5/16 31g slin pins. Can I use those to start (too short?)? Or do I really need 1/2 inch 29G?

KSMan … why do recommend …5ml vs 1ml pins?