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Question About TRT Benefits After Orchiectomy?


I got a little question that i’ve asked myself for a certain, but didn’t talk about it as it may seem dumb or without any sense.

If a very ‘‘naturally’’ muscular, bulked up man has to endure a bilateral orchiectomy (due to cancer for example), so basically castration. He obviously has to be on trt. But, can he get with help from the trt to his former result again? Or be muscular in general. I know it seems iditotic, but i just wanted to ask it. (With ‘‘naturally’’ i meant without using steroids if it’s not clear)
Thanks for the answers

Presuming he got where he is naturally and he’s not much older than he was and his training and diet is in order then why not? Many on TRT have much higher T levels then their counterparts.

yeah that’s what i said to myself too considering the fact the trt levels have to be at least at average, it should be fine, i just wanted to know what others think about it

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Mostly. Would be nice to have known prior hormone levels. There are some effects of LH/FSH beyond testicles and testes also produce some other steroids that will be lost. Pregnenolone and DHEA should be monitored.

Quality of life should be decent. Some silicone stones can be slipped in for cosmetic effect. But they will not hang properly without hCG [ or perhaps SERM induced LH/FSH].

Without TRT, LH/FSH could be very high and there could easily be hot flashes. Aside from obvious loss of sexual function, mental health/mood, cardio vascular health may be adversely affected.