Question about TRT and Reboot

Hey everyone. I’ve been posting on this forum a lot lately but I have a pressing question. So I’ve been off TRT for about a month after being on for about 16 months (125 mg/week). My labs came in yesterday and my levels are 700 ng/dl. My only question is, since my doc put me on nolvadex and clomid, is my body really producing or is it because of those two drugs? Or is this question not able to be answered.

You body is really producing it AND it is because of the drugs.

You are secondary. Without any more information, it’s hard to say if a restart will work for you. Your chances are greater if you are under 30.

Some people really worry about the possible long term affects of SERMs. It is an unknown that I’m personally OK with. We all have to make our own judgements on the path we take.