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Question About Training Programs


Hey there,

I'm currently 16. I have been lifting for about a year. I will, for about 10 weeks, be able to do absolutely nothing but lay around in bed. I'll also be able to go the as frequently as possible, and follow perfect nutritional, cooking 6-8 perfect meals daying, and purchasing the correct suppliments.
Anyway, I'm wondering, what are the most intense/advanced programs I'd be able to handle and make proper gains from?

I'm focusing on hypertrophy.


How long have you been training? At the age of 16 anything will do the job.


I have been lifting for about a year now.


What has that year-long training looked like? I first started lifting weights when I was 15 or 16, but I was a fool for at least the first year and didn't have any idea what I was doing.

Give us a sense of what you've been doing so far.


At 16 you need to focus on compound mass building exercises, eat like crazy, not worry about nutrition other than eating, and not worry about supplements other than protien and calcium. You don't even need the calcium if you drink enough milk. Don't get misled by what the older, more experienced are doing. Stick to basics, eat, sleep, work hard and get your protein and calcium and you will like your results.



Eat well, and get 8-10 hours of sleep...maybe a take a nap.

If you do nothing but lift and sleep it will f#ck with your head.

Get some sunlight and chase some tasty wenches. It will boost your T.


For about 6 months, I followed a pretty steady 4-day split I got from a Mens Health Book. Then I decided to do something more basic, and did a two d ay upper body, two day lower body split.

And I didn't literally mean lay around in bed all day, since I know that can definetly drive you a little bit crazy.