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Question about TM% for 7th Week Deload

I just finished my second cycle of BBB. I was using 3/5/1 percentage order, 5s progression model and BBB@FSL for my supplemental. I ran both cycles of this template at an 85% TM as recommended.

So this next week will be my between Leader and Anchor deload. In Forever, the 7th week protocol as a deload says to work up to a single at your TM. So, would that be the 85% TM I was running with BBB or the 90% TM which I’ll be using in my Anchor template?

Also, another note on the 7th week deload, it’s mentioned that “this is also a good option for those who know their training maxes are correct and do not need to test them”. I don’t know for sure that my TM’s are correct. How does this fact change things for my deload?

Thanks in advance!

I usually work up to the TM I’ve been using (in your case 85%), but 5% isn’t going to make a lot of difference for a single

Thanks for the reply! I’m still pretty new to 5/3/1 in general, so I definitely sweat the small stuff.