Question about This Program

So I switched over to this program from SS because I wanted something more in the 8-12rep range (No I dont plan on switching from plan to plan). I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on whether I should substitute or keep doing it as written. Btw, this is ALL Pro’s beginner workout from

Bench Presses
Bent-Over Rows
Overhead Barbell Presses
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Barbell Curls
Calf Raises

Its Monday at 100%, Wednesday 90%, Friday 80% (supposed to be a built in deload)
Week 1 2x8 and add a rep each week till Week 5 @ 2x12 for each lift, then add 10% to the bar and begin with 2x8 again.

My only question is that I do low bar squats and feel really secure with them but with the addition of SLDL is that too much on the hams and nothing on the quads? Would throwing in Front squats be good…or bad either through subbing for SLDL or adding them to it? Just wondering and would appreciate the advice.


Alright, well how about:

If a person does low bar, is that enough ham work to justify getting rid of SLDL and adding in Front squats to so that I am not leaving out the quads.

This seems logical to me, but I am not seasoned like a lot of you so I just want to make sure I am not doing something stupid. I did the lifts as written with sldl yesterday and my hams are on fire today, but I feel nothing in my quads.

So… your question is basically this:

“This program doesn’t seem to hit my quads very well. When I squat, it’s very ham dominant. Should I be doing more for my quads?”

Absolutely. Sorry for the novel that went with it.

Good luck doing 2x8-2x12 Front Squats.

It’s unreasonable; and you certainly will not be able to do it 3x a week.

I don’t have enough experience to answer that question. In the bodybuilding forum, questions tend to get answered better if they’re phrased more concisely. I figured I could help with that.

Now, based on what I’ve seen around here, I would expect: “replace the back squats with front squats, and keep the SLDLs”

That’s also what I’d recommend, but I really don’t have the experience to say.

[quote] Good luck doing 2x8-2x12 Front Squats.

It’s unreasonable; and you certainly will not be able to do it 3x a week. [/quote]

Good to find that out, So should I just run the program as written? Any suggestions?

Thats a possibility, unless its still unreasonable from above.

Well, I replaced back squats with front squats today and it felt pretty good. Hopefully this is doable in the (beginner) long run.