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Question About The Zone


Alright im 22 year old male 301 pounds 33% body fat, obviously im trying to loose fat while preserving my lean body weight

im currently eating 16 "block" meal plan on the zone

my biggest question is, everyone says to eat 1 to 2g per body weight of protein, thats 300-600 grams a day, is that possible while trying to loose fat?

how the zone works is basically you have to balance fat with carbs and protein so if i upped my protein intake drastically wouldnt i have to up my carbs and fats then? that would be a bulking diet.... so im kind of lost as to what to do

(by the way for those that are going to say im eating too little, ive lost 2% body fat already in 3 months and put on 5 pounds of lean body mass in the same time frame, however i was eating slightly more for a couple weeks)


Perhaps someone with more nutritional knowledge would care to correct me on this... but my hunch is that you should be aiming for protein ratio roughly based on lean body mass. I wouldn't say that in most cases, but given your discrepancy it seems like a reasonable compromise.

At 33% body fat and weighing 300 lbs, a protein intake of 200+ grams a day seems like a decent start.


Yup. LBM for sure.


yupo at your BF% either go LBM or a good aim is to go for your calcualtions at say 20lbs above your target weight to start. so if aiming to get to 200, start all calculatons including K/cals at 220lbs.

I find that people with a HIGH BF% can cut pretty damn drastic to start and not lose LBM due to the high amount of energy stores you are carrying.

Nail a solid diet that you can live with FOREVER,

best of luck,


Your biggest problem is that you are trying to mix two completely different diets together (a bodybuilding diet and the zone). By doing that, you are going to reduce the effectiveness of both of them. Pick one of these and stick to it.

If you are having good results from the zone, then keep going.


awesome that makes ALOT more sense, from all the reading i did i guess i either missed the LEAN body mass part or they just wrote body mass assuming i would know it was lean :stuck_out_tongue:


i like the zone, but im want to make sure im not going to loose my lean weight while loosing fat, becaues then i would have to work hard to regain it again, might as well maintain what i haev now which is about 206 pounds


Be aware you will lose some lean mass, it's all part of dieting. I suggest taking HOT-ROX, it should help you preserve your LBM more than anything, and give your diet a kick in the pants.

You can't diet without losing some LBM, just like you can't bulk without adding some fat. The key is to do everything you can to minimize.