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Question About The V-Diet

I was looking over Shugrat’s Velocity Diet when I got confused. He also said that he wanted to get about a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Shugart says that he drank 5 shakes a day, but 5 shakes comes to only 100 grams of protein in a day.

Now with 2 scoops in each drink it comes to 200 grams of protein, but this would mean that a 4 week cycle would take 8 tubs of LCG. Is my math wrong or does each meal on the V-Diet consist of two scoops of Metabolic Drive?

That would depend on your bodyweight.

If you weigh as much as Shugart did, then two scoops would work. Weigh more, need more. Weigh less, need less.

Follow his recommendations.

Heh, considering you don’t get real food, it’s no surprise you go through a lot of shakes! If you are going to do it, follow it exactly, it’ll work…

When I did it I went though about 10-11 tubs of Metabolic Drive. And yes Shugart suggest shakes have 2-scoops. In fact, typically on here when you see someone say they had a shake, you can pretty much assume it had 2 scoops.

If you only need 150g protein, for example because you only weigh 150lbs (of course if you only weighed 150lbs you wouldn’t be doing the V-Diet), then you could get by with either a mixture of 1 and 2 scoop shakes or just more 1 scoop shakes, say 7-8 a day.

Including the transition off of the diet, and the weeks following that you can expect to go through about 12 tubs of protein.

Seeing as how the new whey is ass cheap, you could probably use it for every 2nd or 3rd scoop and save on some dough.