Question About The Power Clean

when you power clean, the part where you come onto your toes, is that naturally meant to happen because of the weight you are pulling upwards? or should you jump up on your toes?


Hard to ascertain exactly what you are asking, but in many schools of thought/coaching the coming up on the toes is a RESULT of the very violent and fast explosion from the hips and back, not the GOAL of the technique. Make sense?

It’s a (very) rough analogy, but think of a vertical bosyweight jump–you don’t THINK of extending the calves and going on your tip toes before you leave the ground, because if you actively thought about it it would slow your jump down and you’d jump less high. Instead you think of exploding upwards as fast as possible using your hamstrings/legs, and the tip toe thing just happens to occur as you finish the explosion of your legs.

Just focus on extending your hips and let everything thing else will fall into place.