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Question about 'The Leptin Manifesto'



So i just read this article( which was an amazing read btw) and it's very tempting to install this " cheat day " into my nutrition plan.

i also follow the leangain protocol, but i don't follow any of joel's other advices. like low fat, as i think fat is very important for maintaining a positive hormone balance.

So my questions are: Has there been any advances in this particular field? Have any of you tried and succeed with including a cheat day?

BTW, it's suppose to be 6 days clean eating 1 day cheat right?


Whether or not you NEED a cheat meal should be determined by your weight/bodyfat, as well as your lifts, as well as your macro breakdown day-to-day. I am smack in the middle of a bulk, so I'm getting a ton of nutrients, and therefore my hormones are cool. If you're cutting (I assume you are?) then you'll need to have a refeed every 4-7 days, depending on the things I mentioned.

Right now, I do a small refeed once a week, consisting of 2 or 3 cups oats, a shitload of blueberries, and a piece of fruit, but I'm on the Anabolic Diet. Obviously every different diet will require a diferent approach to the refeed. And as far as cheating goes, I'm with CT and other experts - you shouldn't plan to cheat on your diet. Unless it's your birthday, you just walked off stage, etc...you shouldn't give yourself permission to eat shit, some exceptions included lol. Hope that helped.


on lean gains, you shouldn't need to do this...you do refeeds everyday...IFing is a superior approach imo...

granted, you could eat unconventional foods during your feeding period..ie icecream and whatnot as long as you keep track of the calories...if your not keeping track of cals/macros, and you just eat whatever you want...don't expect to get to single digit bf%...


when ive done keto in the past ive used refeeds to up leptin and metabolisam and they do help . whos ever done keto will know the symptoms of low leptin low energy , no labido and a constant urge to eat and a fixation with food .
i switched to IF'ing 16/8 about a year ago i lose weight when dieting at the same rate as i did when on a ketogenic diet but i've never felt any of the low leptin symptoms .
as D Public said you do refeeds every day . not quite a refeed but something similar.

ultralars how long have you been IF'ing and whats your stats ? . the lower the bf you are the more often you should refeed .


I have just started doing leangains

i am currently 17% bodyfat, i am trying to get down to 10%.

yes i do track calories, with an iphone app called " my net diary " i can track all intake.

How much should you eat during your refeed day? like above tdee?


you shouldn't really need refeeds IF'ing until you get to below 9 or 10% , your having alot of carbs pwo .
when i was using refeeds on keto i was doin them at 5g carbs per pound of body weight .
also the other thing what i like is you dont need to do loads of cardio . i just walk my dog for about 30/40 mins any time after 12 hours of fasting .


kk, thanks for the advices.