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Question About The 10x3


I was reading the article:
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And I was wondering has anyone ever tried this? Has it worked well on Hypertrophy & Strength gains?

I was also reading through this and was wondering about the trap/shoulders work? It seems to lack it (or alteast in that example) and how would I go about adding trap/shoulder work to the example routine given on that article..

Thank you T-Nation


I tried it for 4 weeks (probably not enough time, but still saw some results). My strength went up more than anything else. I probably gained some size, but not a ton (my own fault, didn't eat enough!). So if you have your diet in order, and are committed and don't mind lifting heavy ass stuff for 10 sets, go for it! I personally liked it.


I am using the 10x3 method as part of the "Waterbury method" program. I love it. I am 10 weeks in and have not plateued yet.


Personally, I love ABBH. It is one of my favorite programs. Works well, simple, and quick. All good things for those of us with limited training time.

Generally, your traps and shoulders will be worked more than enough by the other exercises. Deads, bench, rows, dips, etc., will work your traps and shoulders. If you want, you can always substitute military presses for dips on the vertical upper body day.


10 x 3 is a good protocol, but i wouldn't base a program on a particular rep range/rep-set scheme.

it needs to fluctuate throughout the program. i'm do something close to 10 x 3 on a few exercises every week. but not on every exercise every day for weeks on end.


I found 10x3 was just too much for me. It grinded me into the ground. I got great results once I dropped it down to 7x3. I simply tend to do better with lower volume and more frequent workouts.


WB's 10X3 template is always combined with 5X5. Unless I'm forgetting something, I haven't read his articles in a while.


you just have to stick it out and condition yourself to that type of volume.

after looking at the article mentioned by the poster about the 10 x 3 program, it looks way too easy for me.


Dude, I have read a lot of your posts, and most of them sound ignorant.

I doubt 10x3 would be "too easy" for you if you used the appropiate load.


the loads prescribed in the program mentioned are too easy.


I've tried 10x3 as part of West Side's weekly periodization. I actually made better strength gains using Poliquin's 1-6-1 workout, but gains dropped off on that program after 2 weeks so I've been rotating that with about 4 weeks of EDT or other programs.


The key is to use the adjust load so you're doing challenging workouts most of the time. If it runs you into the ground, use 10% less weight, hell, start with 10RM and work up slowly from there. It 5RM feels easy, add more weight, and stick with it for a while, so the total volume can accumulate.


If youre talking about ABBH then yeah Day 1 is a little on the easy side but its the progression that will kick your ass. On weeks 2 & 3 youre doing 10 x 4 and 10 x 5.


how do you lose gains if you continue to workout.


yeah, the progression to 10x4, 10x5 is what got harder in respect to that rep scheme but the 5x10 days kicked my ass harder.

I really liked ABBH, it is a very solid routine.



that does seem challenging, actually. 10 x 5 at what percentage, though?


"gains dropped off" means that I was no longer experiencing the large increases in strength after the first two weeks of the program. It did not mean that I "lost" what I had initially "gained." Perhaps I should have said, "initially the gains were great but they began to diminish over the course of 2 weeks."


I really liked the program, but I got sick as in fever sick a few days after it. I figured it was just coincidence so a week or two later I tried it again and again I got a fever and had to take a few days off from work. I'd like to try again, but don't want to get sick again. This sentence is just so I can say again again.

In conclusion, it kicks ass.


10x3 done with high intensity and proper diet is an excellent program.


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